Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Latest Project

I decided to make homemade gifts this year but couldn't decide what to get my over achieving, double major, world traveling brother. Then it hit me, an external hardrive!

So I dug out the old 250 GB drive from my computer that I just upgraded and swam through Amazon until I found a decent $18 enclosure, wired the puppy up, tested it to make sure it spun up OK and then the fun began.
Now I couldn't just give my bro a HD and call it good no, there had to be an element of fun involved so I downloaded a few programs I thought he would like such as GIMP and Blender and then used Trucrypt to create a virtual drive and encrypted it.

Now so far this is all just run of the mill humdrum stuff and my brother won't have any trouble with using a virtual drive but I also included a virtual encrypted drive, hidden in another virtual encrypted drive! I can't wait for him to sit there and do the math wondering where the drivespace went to, it'll drive him nuts.