Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From 2.1 Eclair to Cognition 4.2.

Before you proceed, you need to understand one thing: you are doing this at your own risk!

This tutorial is for stock 2.1 Eclair Samsung Captivate only...

  • Next, download ROM Manager from the android market.

  • Choose "Flash Clockwork Mod" which will put an update.zip (holding clockwork recovery) on the root of your internal SD card.

  • Open Rom Manager, choose "Install ROM from SD Card", navigate to your Cognition2.x.zip, and watch the magic happen!


  • If this is your first time installing clockwork, it may fail at stock recovery and reboot. Simply choose "reinstall packages" once more, and it should work properly.

  • You can then copy the update.zip to you comp and when you flash back to stock just copy that back over to the internal sd card and reboot to recovery and reinstall pkgs

Full instructions can be found here: http://cognition.theidiotshideout.net/mw/index.php?title=FAQ#Can_I_flash_this_over_my_current_ROM.3F