Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beware The Mega Liquidation Sale

This scam has been touring the US for a few years now and it's time it was stopped. The organizers take out TV and radio spots a few days before the "sale" and claim to have fantastic deals on high ticket items such as iPods, TV's and DVD players.

In reality there are no deals.

The iPods "If there actually are any" are the same price as in the store and all other items are either generic brands, open box

(And by that I mean in large piles stacked on the ground)

 or extremely outdated models.

(I personally witnessed a vendor trying to sell a laptop that was practically old enough to have a floppy drive at the Portlan Oregon show at the EXPO center.)

In today's economey this type of scam really hurts people.

The only way to stop it is to make the practice no longer lucrative to the scammers. All the scammers need to do, is dupe enough people into buying a $16 admission ticket and it doesent matter if a single item is sold or not.

If 1000 people show up over a three day weekend thats $16,000. There were only seven vendors at the Portland Show so that's over 2,000 each just in ticket sales, actual purchases are a bonus for them not the actual bread and butter.

This type of scam needs to be made so public that everyone  knows not to bother. That way the scammers lose revinue and the practice dies out.

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