Sunday, January 4, 2009

This months project

This month I've decided to try to run a linux distro off a 16GB class 6 SDHC card. I'm leaning towards Fedora or Ubuntu but plan to try Puppy linux as well. I've downloaded Unetbootin and found a few likely tutorials at

As a warm up, the first tutorial I thought I'd try is running Ubuntu off a virtual drive.
To do this I'll download Qemu, an open source machine emulator. This way I can run Ubuntu and Windows without needing to reboot to switch between them and I can easily share files between OS's as well.

According to:

I'll need the following...

Qemu Portable Ubuntu 8.04.1 essentials:

  • 1GB+ flash drive (formatted as fat16 or fat32)
  • A Windows Host computer
  • Ubuntu 8.04.1 ISO
  • QPU804.exe

Then I'll need to take the following steps...

Portable Ubuntu 8.04.1 creation process:

  1. Download and launch QPU804.exe, a QPU804 folder is created
  2. Download the Ubuntu ISO and move it to the QPU804 folder
  3. Move the QPU804 folder to your fat formatted flash drive
  4. From the QPU804 folder, Click QPU804.bat to start Ubuntu
  5. Once Ubuntu is up and running on top of Windows, navigate to Places and click QEMU VVFAT to mount it (this is the mount point for the shared folder).

I'll post an update in a few days about my progress...and if I don't...then you know something went horribly wrong :)