Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - Idea - The Sojourn by Jen Eidson

A great idea for a new ASUS netbook.

I recently submitted my idea for a new ASUS brand laptop. My idea was that the laptop would be waterproofed via Golden ShellBack and completely user customizable / repairable.

Think about being able to carry a few parts with you on a trip knowing that you could field strip the thing and have it back online in minutes even out in the middle of West Africa!

The Sojourn
PC Idea Description

Make the netbook easily user customizable in regards to upgrading the hard drive, memory, graphics etc.

Then Offer consumers the option to have their netbook waterproofed by utilizing a collaboration with the Northeast Maritime Institute; 32 Washington Street; Fairhaven, MA 02719 USA; ( map ) Phone: + [1] 508 287 2334; ;

Have a series of commercials following an intrepid explorer as she braves the elements on a backpacking trip through West Africa.

Show the netbook and explorer surviving monsoons, sandstorms, heatwaves etc. This will illustrate the netbooks ability to go where no netbook has gone before and will give the public a sense of the high quality of ASUS machines.

Alternately you could have a similar commercial showcasing the application of using a waterproof netbook that is almost completely user reparable in the field

(think of a soldier field stripping and cleaning his rifle in the field)

along with miniature medical devices such as the new scanners developed by T2 Biosystems.

This would be a netbook beloved by travelers, Doctors Without Borders, hunters, hikers, photo journalists. Especially if there is plenty of options for additional storage.

People could take their netbook into very inhospitable places with a few replacement parts in case of emergency and be able to travel worry free knowing their patients/pictures/information is safe and their ability to communicate with the world is secure.

Adding internal WiMax capability would be an additional benefit as users prefer to have very few if any peripherals sticking out of a portable machine.

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